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Diseases associated with CD47 include neonatal meningitis . GO annotations related to this gene include thrombospondin receptor activity . lnc-CD47-10: RNA Gene: 4: GC03M107935: 6.73: 14: RHD: Rh Blood Group D Antigen: Protein Coding: 42: GC01P025272: 6.30: 15: LINC00636: Long Intergenic Non-Protein Coding RNA 636: RNA Gene: 17: GC03P107883: 6.26: 16: PTPN11: Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Non-Receptor Type 11: Protein Coding: 54: GC12P112418: 6.22: 17: CD44: CD44 Molecule (Indian Blood Group) Protein Coding: 48: … CD47 - Integrin-associated protein - Homo sapiens (Human) - CD47 gene & protein UniProtKB - A0A0A1TSG4 (A0A0A1TSG4_HUMAN) Summary of CD47 (IAP, MER6, OA3) expression in human tissue. Cytoplasmic and membranous expression in several tissues. 2020-09-24 The gene view histogram is a graphical view of mutations across CD47. These mutations are displayed at the amino acid level across the full length of the gene by default.

Cd47 gene

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Fully sequenced. The gene CD47 may have Genomic and Proteomic products available from Sigma-Aldrich. Gene. CD47. Species Human Transcripts. Click to View Transcript Type Non-Coding Product Type Silencer® Select Availability. Made to Order.

Role of the CD47/SIRP-interaction in regulation of system : distribution  wnt4 protein · wnt3 protein · wnt2-protein · wnt1-protein nested genes · nervsystemet · nervändslut cd47-antigener · cd46-antigener · cd45-antigener Hemoglobin (Hb) är ett tetrameriskt protein som består av olika kombinationer av E-selektin, leukocyt-ytantigen CD47 och aVP3-integrin) och exponerade  Genetic Signatures Limited GSS.AX / GSS DE / CD47 GY 10% 8 0.3% ComStage Gene Techno Science Company Limited 4584.T / 4584  Analysen har publicerats online i Amyloid: The Journal of Protein Folding Disorders.

Table SI. Genes significantly differentially expressed between

Gene ontology; Molecular function CD47 has a single Ig-like extracellular domain and five membrane spanning regions. The interaction between SIRPα and CD47 can be modified by endocytosis or cleavage of the receptor, or interaction with surfactant proteins. Cd47: Description: CD47 antigen (Rh-related antigen, integrin-associated signal transducer) [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:96617] Organism: Mus musculus: Synonym(s) 9130415e20rik, aa407862, ai848868, … Believing that CD47 might hold the key to completely shutting down rejection, the researchers loaded the CD47 gene into a virus, which delivered extra copies of the gene into mouse and human stem cells in which the MHC proteins had been knocked out.

Cd47 gene

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CD47 is similar to these genes: Galectin-3, Dermatopontin, BCAR1 and more. Topic. CD47.

Cd47 gene

(1994) mapped the CD47 gene to chromosome 3q13.1-q13.2. Animal Model Lindberg et al. (1996) made observations in gene-targeted mice indicating that integrin-associated protein plays a key role in host defense by participating both in polymorphonuclear migration in response to bacterial infection and in polymorphonuclear activation at extravascular sites. Gene: CD47; CD47 molecule: Aliases: IAP, OA3, MER6 : Location: 3q13.12: Summary: This gene encodes a membrane protein, which is involved in the increase in intracellular calcium concentration that occurs upon cell adhesion to extracellular matrix. CD47 (integrin-associated protein, IAP) is a ubiquitously expressed cell surface transmembrane glycoprotein interacting with several integrins and regulating their functions. Engagement of CD47 by soluble ligands or counter receptors modulates various signaling pathways, such as activation of heterotrimeric G proteins.
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Cd47 gene

2021-03-23. Kategori. Vid flödescytometri kan CD47 och/eller färgämnet eosin-5´-maleimid användas för att detektera Genes och orsak till variabilitet i symtom är oklart. Image: Vad  av immunglobulinliknande receptorer. kopplade till signalproteinerna dap12 och FcRγ.

This gene encodes a membrane protein, which is involved in the increase in intracellular calcium concentration that occu rs upon cell adhesion to extracellular matrix.
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Lack of CD47 impairs bone cell differentiation and results in

Gene WT_Nondiff_2_Control_vs_WT_Nondiff_1_Control-FC 0.15 -2.2 8e-04 0.0054 Cd47 0.13 0.14 0.44 -0.75 0.0059 0.071 -0.88 0.0053 0.012 1.4 0.00048  Proteinerna CD47 och SIRP? är grundläggande för att upprätta ett korrekt antal immunceller, så kallade B-lymfocyter, enligt en ny avhandling. Expression and Regulation of the Cell Surface Proteins CD47 and SIRPα in Resident Expression of weight and aggression regulating genes in Drosophila  proteinbearbetning och vikning (CANX, PSENEN) och det integrin-associerade protein, CD47, som modulerar cellaktivering och vidhäftning. of using gene therapy to prevent and/or ameliorate autoimmune diseases. Mattias Olsson (Midterm seminar), Umeå university, “Role of the CD47/SIRPα  (73) BioNTech Cell & Gene Therapies GmbH, An der Goldgrube (54) ANTI-CD47 ANTIBODIES AND METHODS OF USE THEREOF.